Change is happening – Boys Need Bins

Chorley Market image, with Councillor Danny Gee standing in-front of the market entrance.

You may recall that along with Prostate Cancer UK and other health organisations, we joined forces to campaign for legislation to be changed about having incontinence bins in male toilets. Along the journey, Prostate Cancer UK also developed a fantastic report – Lifting the Lid on Male Incontinence – which shares information and statistics about […]

Stride On! Prostate Cancer Walking Football have joined Tackle.

Arsenal in the Community have recently launched an exciting new project called ‘Stride On: Walking football for Men affected by Prostate Cancer, they are the latest group to join the Tackle sphere. The project is running in partnership with UCLH (University College London Hospitals) and is funded by the UCLH Charity’s Cancer Fund. Sessions are […]

Welcome to the team, Mark Kelly, our new National Peer Support Coordinator!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently welcomed Mark Kelly, our new National Peer Support Coordinator to the team. Mark, will be such an important member of Tackle and will be the lead in strengthening relations with existing support groups as well as supporting those who wish to start their own support groups. Want to […]

New Tackle Support Groups!

We’ve recently welcomed a few new support groups to our Tackle sphere. Sutton Coldfield, The Green Prostate Support Group (Bradford) and the Huddersfield Prostate Cancer Support Group, are the latest additions to our fold and we couldn’t be more pleased.  We spoke with Chris, who co-runs the Huddersfield group about his prostate cancer experience, how […]

Boys NEED Bins Campaign

We’re working with Prostate Cancer UK and Bladder Health UK to support the Boys Need Bins initiative. As part of this, we’re campaigning for legislation for male hygiene bins to be provided in male toilets. This’ll address the needs of men who are incontinent and men who wear stomas.   Our National Support and Development Manager, […]

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