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An inspirational prostate cancer story

We hear from our Communications and Marketing Manager, Molly, who shares how a conversation can be so impactful…

Sometimes, you cross paths with someone who shares the most inspirational story that’s so powerful, it’s deafening. 

Michela, is a trans woman who was living in her former (male) shadow for 60 years of her life. Trapped in an identity, scared to break free. When a diagnosis of prostate cancer, and the prospect of 30 months left to live was the tipping point she needed to live her most authentic and best self. 

Six years on, Michela is in my opinion, thriving. During our conversation, we talked about tough moments, happier times and bonded over a love of spin, craft beer and The Fish Shack in Amble, Northumberland (10/10 would recommend all three, but especially the latter). It was one of the most humbling, informative and inspirational conversations I think I’ve ever had. 

Michela, has written a book about the battle between love and true identity, ‘She Said She: (A Trans Love Story)’, which you can buy, if you wish, here https://amzn.to/3XuKW1A.  

During my time supporting Tackle Prostate Cancer, a charity that provide people impacted by prostate cancer with a safe space to talk, I am constantly in awe of the positive attitude people affected by the disease have. Their passion to make a difference shines through and if it’s taught me anything, it’s to not shy away from talking about things head on – even if they’re a little scary.

If you can spare two minutes, do read Michela’s story. If you can spare a few more, do keep the conversation about prostate cancer (and any other disease) going – you never know who’s life it might save. 

If you know of anyone who’s been impacted by prostate cancer – whether that be the person diagnosed, or a loved one of someone who has, share this link www.tackleprostate.org, to get them talking with people who have gone through a similar experience. 

Tackle has over 130 support groups across the UK, do find your nearest one, they help tremendously. Visit: www.tackleprostate.org/supportgroups

Read Michela’s story here 💜 

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