Chorley Market image, with Councillor Danny Gee standing in-front of the market entrance.

Change is happening – Boys Need Bins

You may recall that along with Prostate Cancer UK and other health organisations, we joined forces to campaign for legislation to be changed about having incontinence bins in male toilets. Along the journey, Prostate Cancer UK also developed a fantastic report – Lifting the Lid on Male Incontinence – which shares information and statistics about male incontinence. We also encouraged members of the public to join us to make changes in their locality, by sending a letter to their local MP.

As a result of this campaigning, you may have seen that there has been some changes in local communities. Including, Chorley, Lancashire – which has all happened due to local resident and photographer, Ian Smith, who Tackle connected with through some of our other projects. This installment is due to his sole activism to make positive change. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010, Ian has channeled his energy into activities that have helped him accept and live with his diagnosis; including cycling, photography and lately community projects. After experiencing incontinence following his prostate cancer treatment, once he heard about this initiative, he made it his mission to ensure that change happened in his local area. This is a true testament to determination and how one conversation can make change.

The full press release from Chorley Borough Council can be read below. If you want to follow in Ian’s footsteps and challenge your local council or organisation to get bins in male loos then head here to some useful resources.

Chorley Market image, with Councillor Danny Gee standing in-front of the market entrance.

Image shows Councillor Danny Gee at Chorley’s covered market
Image credit: Ian Smith

Chorley Council pioneering the installation of hygiene bins in male toilets.

7 March 2024

Male sanitary bins have been added to the male toilets at two town centre locations, Chorley Markets and Chorley Bus Station, putting Chorley Council ahead of the majority of councils in the country.

Although these bins are already provided in the female and disabled toilets this latest move came about after a local volunteer, Ian Smith, from, got in touch with Chorley Council about the ‘Boys NEED Bins’ campaign.

The Boys NEED Bins campaign, is supported by charities such as They have been raising awareness of the needs for men who are incontinent and men who require stomas but have no public place to meet their requirements for changing and disposal of their medical or hygiene products.

 Councillor Danny Gee said: “We always strive to do what we can to ensure our town centre meets the needs of visitors and that everyone who visits has a good experience.

“We’re pleased to be able to make this small change to our male toilets at Chorley Markets and Chorley Bus Station which could mean a big improvement for some of our visitors. This simple provision could make someone feel more confident and dignified when visiting our town centre.”

More information on the Boys Need Bins campaign can be found at:


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