Tackling the Ridgeway Trail

Hear from one of our members, Clive, who along with two of his friends, walked the Ridgeway National Trail to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

“I have known Dave all my life. From the age of 4. Kim, since we were 24. 

Dave was the first. He was diagnosed  with early prostate cancer about 5 years ago. Kim was a year after that and again, early. They both had brachytherapy and all seems to be working well. 

In February, I was asked to attend my doctor for a routine blood test to see how I was responding to blood pressure and cholesterol tablets. I asked the nurse if she could just bolt on a PSA test. Very reluctantly, this was done! 

4 days later, I was called by the doctor to say that my PSA was 6.42. Not “high ” but enough to raise concern. Then, I was 70 years old. 

I had an examination, and all men know how that goes. He referred me to Eastbourne Urology, and I was asked to attend an MRI scan. I tripped on and off the scanner quite happily, no symptoms so I thought “that was that”. 

2 weeks later, I was told I had locally advanced PC but that it had not got to bones or lymphs. 

I’m now on Hormone Treatment (Prostap 3) and radiotherapy starts in December. 

Dave, Kim and I are keen walkers. We do one big trail every year. We’ve done most of the more popular ones including the 192-mile Coast to Coast. So, when we did The Ridgeway this year, which spans across 85 miles of southern central England, we decided to raise money for MacMillan Nurses as my contact with my Clinical Nurse Specialist has been superb. We completed it in September 2022 and raised £2,500 through Just Giving.”

If you would like to donate to Clive, Dave & Kim’s JustGiving page, follow this link.

We love hearing people’s prostate cancer stories. Whether it be advice for others, or personal achievements. We want to use our platforms to hero those experiencing or have been affected by prostate cancer, while raising the awareness of PC.

Why not see if anyone at your local support group is doing anything like this?


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