Two men giving each other support in front of a support group

Tackle Trustee Hugh Gunn makes his views clear about the Cancer Drugs Fund’s decision to withdraw Cabazitaxel

Tackle Trustee Hugh Gunn hasn’t given up the fight to get Cabazitaxel back on the list of approved drugs since funding was withdrawn with effect from 12 March 2015.

Interviewed in The Guardian and BBC East Midlands today, Hugh says bluntly that without it “he will die”. He maintains that cheaper drugs won’t be effective and the costs of palliative care will far outweigh the savings. Alison Birtle – Consultant Oncologist at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals – comments in the interview that “the difficulty is that some men don’t respond to hormone treatment and, for those men, there is no other alternative”.

Tackle are supporting Hugh all the way.


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