Tackle Takes Issue with Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK published yesterday an article about how a one-off PSA test for prostate cancer is doing men more harm than good and does not save lives.

Tackle Chairman Roger Wotton commented: “The PSA test is the only test men have today. It’s not perfect, but what we need is a more informed approach to PSA testing on the part of GPs and a realisation that today’s clinical  practices do not result in overdiagnosis and overtreatment as was the case many years ago. The problem is,  if men wait until they ahave symptoms before they ask for a test, some 30 per cent will already have some form of advanced cancer. Yes, one PSA test can be inconclusive but what’s important is the change in PSA levels. So we need a series of tests properly supported and counselled by GPs. Until a more definite test comes along, let’s not deny men a chance to avoid this terrible disease”.

If you agree with Roger, please comment on Cancer Research UK’s article.


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