Tackle makes submission to NHS England Cancer Taskforce on 5-Year Strategy for Cancer

Tackle makes submission to NHS England Cancer Taskforce on 5-Year Strategy for Cancer

Tackle Prostate Cancer welcomes NHS England’s announcement of the establishment of a new cancer taskforce to develop a five-year strategy for cancer.

We believe that to improve outcomes for patients in the UK, a clear strategy should be in place to allow the cancer community to work together to help reduce variations in practice and ensure that high quality and timely care is delivered in a consistent manner.

Commenting on the submission, Tackle Chairman Roger Wotton said “we are pleased to be able to submit evidence to the taskforce in order to inform the content of this strategy, particularly as we represent what is the most common cancer in men in this country”.

Below is a summary of Tackle’s submission.

Summary of Submission

The three commitments that you would like to see in a new cancer strategy that would significantly improve cancer services for patients/the health of the public, referencing any relevant evidence and costing information.

1. Risk Assessment and Referral – for men over 50 (or black men over 45)
2. Diagnosis – receiving the most effective diagnostic options irrespective of geography
3. Access to treatment – having access to treatments of choice

Examples of good practice in cancer services that you would like to see replicated across the country.

1. Ready access to Clinical Nurse Specialists
2. Greater use of hospice services integrated with primary/secondary care
3. Availability of supported self management
4. Access to specialist services post-treatment
5. Linking hospitals with support groups

The biggest barrier to improving cancer services.

Integrated and seamless support across the NHS


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