Response to Cancer Drugs Fund Review

This response has been developed collaboratively between Tackle and Prostate Cancer UK and includes the views of 52 men surveyed for their views on the proposals to reform the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF).

It is clear that men with prostate cancer have benefitted from the CDF. In fact, thousands of men with this disease have had early access to life-saving new treatments, many of which have subsequently taken a long time to enter into routine commissioning. Without the CDF and with only NICE to rely on, many of these men would have been denied access to new treatments that have extended or improved their lives.

We cannot accept any reforms that return men to the pre-CDF world of repeated prostate cancer treatment rejections. Consequently, our response aims to highlight where we believe the reforms make this pre-CDF return likely. We also suggest ways that we think the proposals can be improved so that men have a greater likelihood of getting access to new treatments.

Read the full submission.


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