Monthly Briefing November 2023

Welcome to our Monthly Briefing for November. This briefing is for you as a group leader/organiser of one of our network of Peer Support Groups. We hope you find the content useful.  The Hot Topics section below contains information that your members will find useful; if you are able, please share it with them.

This month’s poster group is APPLE ( association of Prostate Patients London & Essex). APPLE is led by our Trustee and former chair, Ken Mastris and Group Secretary,  Jane Smith. APPLE recently held a belated celebration for its 20th anniversary. They were formed in 2010 and serve people across East London and Essex. They were fortunate to receive a fair bit of publicity around their celebrations, which served them well this week when they had a record 41 people turn up for their November meeting. 

Have you celebrated a recent success, or run an event? It would be great to share the news with others, so please get in touch and let us know. 

It has been a very busy month for the Trustees and staff at Tackle. Frank chaired a session at the British Association of Urological Surgeons on ethnicity and urological cancer. Aidan and Tony have been busy with awareness presentations as Movember kicks off, including a very successful event with the Chinese community in Birmingham.  Steve, Roshani and Ken have attended a number of events with a range of stakeholders, ensuring the voices of people diagnosed and impacted by Prostate Cancer are heard. Our new Peer Support coordinator has been out and about and catching up with over 20 Group Leaders in the past month on Zoom and face-to-face.  I visited Plymouth for a Regional Network event and met up with six of our groups from across Devon and Cornwall, bringing volunteers together to share ideas and collaborate to improve reach across the region.   
Molly has been preparing more on our Lets Talk About It project, Andrew and I have been working on funding bids with both Movember and continuation funding from the National Lottery, Angela and Kelly have been busy with all of the backroom administration that keeps us all moving forwards. This month Kelly has also been compiling some helpful videos on setting up Facebook pages for your groups. You can find the content by logging onto the Members Portal. 

Earlier this month our Support Group Leaders meeting had a presentation from Chiara De Biase ,Director of Support and Influencing at Prostate Cancer UK. Chiara spoke told us about their new strategy as well as recent updates on research and ongoing and promising discussions with the National Screening Committee about our efforts for a screening programme for Prostate Cancer. We recorded her presentation and there is a link further down this briefing that you can watch, and play at your group’s meetings. If you didn’t attend the meeting, then its well worth a watch.

Finally, you will recall news about our  ‘Lets Talk About It’. We are committed to celebrating the incredible work you do and the positive impact it has on people’s lives. Below you will find a super short survey that we would urge you to complete. Your input into this project is vital and hugely welcomed as a Group Leader/Organiser. You are all invaluable in spreading the word and encouraging more individuals to engage with these support groups.

As always, please do get in touch with any comments, suggestions or things you would like us to raise either here or at a future Support Group Leaders meeting. 

All good wishes, Sarah 

You might have heard about Let’s Talk About It, our latest campaign that aims to showcase the benefits of peer support and support groups through sharing people’s stories. We want to raise the awareness of prostate cancer and the support groups (like yours) to encourage people through the support group door to ultimately help them through their prostate cancer journey. Let’s get people talking. Join in the conversation by filling out the survey below. 
Please complete the very short survey by clicking here

November Hot Topics You will find this months  Hot Topics by clicking here.   This months and the past 12 months are all in the Members Portal . Should you have difficulty accessing them, please get in touch. There are links to past and future presentations and webinars, including one from Bladder Health UK on BPH and incontinence including a campaigner from our Boys need Bins campaign. Also a webinar from Prostate Cancer UK on Active Surveillance.  
Please share the content directly with your group members.
To watch Chiara’s presentation at the November Support Group Leaders meeting. Please click here . Passcode: 0Rf+4ije

To sponsor Mark , please click this link

To access our new Facebook page for Group Leaders and Organisers, click here


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