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Evaluating psychological support services available on the NHS

We are very pleased to announce that the results of our Freedom of Information request to all NHS Trusts in England and Wales have been published in BJUI International. 

The background to this paper starts with Roger Wotton who believed strongly that the emotional and psychological aspects of prostate cancer can sometimes be more debilitating than the physical manifestations of the disease and we wanted to find out what support is available on the NHS.

As the article says, “it is concerning that NHS commissioned services, where they exist, seem to be under pressure and 28% of hospital Trusts have no NHS commissioned psychological support services … and therefore rely on psychological services offered by national and local charitable organisations”. This underlines just how important prostate cancer support groups are in providing emotional and psychological support to men with prostate cancer and their families.

Now that we have had the results published, we will look to see if we can build on this to help improve support for men and their families who might be suffering.

Read the article in BJUI International here. We are extremely grateful to Trustee Frank Chinegwundoh and Roshani Perera of Wicked Minds who prepared the paper.


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