Tackle Prostate Cancer charity history

A Win for Tackle!

Judith Potts writes in The Daily Telegraph that NICE’s change of heart was due in no small part to Tackle’s campaigning.

As she says: “Thanks particularly to the work of Tackle, NICE has reversed its previous decision and will allow the hormone therapy drug enzalutamide to be used by the NHS, thus delaying chemotherapy for at least 17 months and giving patients a better quality of life.  Up to now, the drug was available only after chemotherapy but this reconsideration – which was helped by the manufacturer,Astellas, offering a reduction in the cost – will benefit over 5,000 men each year.

Rowena Bartlett, CEO of Tackle, said: “Tackle is delighted that enzalutamide can now be given before chemotherapy, so that the true potential of it can be realised and men may be spared the rigours of other drugs.” 


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