Nominate your nurse for the People’s Choice Award 2023 

If you’ve received prostate cancer care, or you’re a family member of someone who has, YOU can nominate your nurse for the People’s Choice Award 2023. It’s a wonderful way to show your appreciation for their support and say thank you for all their hard work.  The People’s Choice Award  Prostate Cancer UK are sponsoring […]

Prostate Peddlers inaugural Open Day

Prostate Pedallers is an exercise club whose aim is to help you become both mentally and physically fitter so that you are in the best possible shape and state of mind to keep your prostate cancer at bay.

Tackle commends Ben Stiller for sharing his prostate cancer experience

We commend Ben Stiller for sharing his experience of being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thanks to a wise and informed clinician, he has been saved from joining the ever increasing ranks of men diagnosed with advanced and incurable prostate cancer, which is partly as a result of the continuing misinformation and negative publicity about the […]

Cancer Drugs Fund – the latest

According to the NHS, the latest changes to the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) will “provide patients with faster access to the most promising new cancer treatments”. Most existing prostate cancer treatments are already included – and Tackle has been at the forefront of campaigning on your behalf to ensure they are. Sounds promising! But the […]

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