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This is a supportive community specifically designed for Black men dealing with the challenges of Prostate Cancer diagnosis and treatment. Join the Group to: MEET * Connect with other Black Prostate Cancer patients to share experiences, gain empathy and receive encouragement. * Participate in both online and face-to-face meetings and community activities. SHARE * Exchange stories, fears and victories with fellow members to gain new perspectives and insights. LEARN * Access valuable information, resources and expert advice to navigate the journey of Prostate Cancer with confidence and understanding. SUPPORT * Establish a network of support and companionship to receive emotional backing and comprehension. RAISE * Promote awareness about Prostate Cancer within the Black community to encourage early detection and proactive health actions. TALK * Engage in open dialogues regarding concerns, questions and priorities related to Prostate Cancer and overall well-being. CAMPAIGN * Advocate for healthcare equality by pushing for fair access to services and resources to address disparities in Prostate Cancer care. FUNDRAISE * Contribute to Research and Development efforts to enhance treatment options, improve outcomes, find a cure for Prostate Cancer and support group activities.

Features: LGBTQA+ Friendly, Family, Friends and Carers

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Donald Schloss

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