Prostate Cancer – Screening & the PSA Test

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The Who, Why, What and How of Prostate Cancer Screening. A Simple Guide to a Big Health Problem Who Needs Screening? All men should know about their prostate gland because it causes so many problems, one of which is cancer. International specialist urological panels recommend all men should start prostate cancer (PCa) screening from age 40, […]

What you should know about prostate cancer

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What should African & African Caribbean men know about prostate cancer? Firstly, you have unfortunately a three times higher risk of getting prostate cancer than white men of the same age. Asian and Chinese men have a lower risk than white men. So why is that? It is thought that this is due to genetic […]

Why bone health matters

Men of various ages in a support group

Why bone health is important if you are having hormone therapy If you are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, or your cancer has become advanced, the only treatment option available is Hormone Therapy. Although this will prolong your life, it will also cause osteoporosis, which in time can lead to Skeletal […]

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