Advanced Prostate Cancer - A practical approach

Advanced Prostate Cancer – A practical approach

How will advanced prostate cancer affect my family?

Men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer will receive Hormone Therapy as their main treatment. As there is no curative treatment at the moment, this can be an on going cause of anxiety for the patient and his family.

How will my treatment affect me?

Men who have advanced disease often feel better quite quickly, when they receive Hormone Therapy.
The most common side affects initially are hot flushes and tiredness. As time goes on these settle down in most cases. Long term use of Hormone Therapy can cause Osteoporosis. See the separate Bone Health Leaflet

Will it affect my relationships?

Sadly, the other main effect of Hormone Therapy will be loss of libido and erectile disfunction. There are treatments available which can give some help, but it is important to talk about these issues openly and honestly with partners and health professionals.

However, this is a life saving treatment and as with many drugs, side effects have to be weighed in the balance against no other treatment option.

Is it best to share my feelings?

Being diagnosed with a life threatening illness is both physically and psychologically challenging. Some men feel they cannot bring themselves to tell other people about their illness, but many find that by talking things through with their family and friends, but more particularly with fellow patients, can be helpful and informative.

Is there anyone I can talk to locally to help me?

Your local prostate cancer support group, is made up of prostate cancer patients who have experience of the disease in all its stages. There is a helpline which is available to patients and family members who may wish to talk through their issues. Wives and partners often struggle to come to terms with the diagnosis and find it helpful to talk to others who have had a similarexperience.

Do I have to change my lifestyle or diet?

Doctors recommend that exercise and a good balanced diet are important to maintain good general and mental health.

Will I be able to work?

This must be a personal decision, governed by age, the type of work and success of treatment.

Will prostate cancer affect me financially and where can I get help?

Personal finance will depend on individual circumstance. Advice can be obtained from:

DWP Helpline: 0345 605 6055
Mon to Fri 8am – 6pm

Macmillan Cancerline: Tel: 0808 808 0000
Mon to Fri 9am – 8pm

Age UK Helpline: 0800 169 2081

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