Prostate Matters. Spring / Summer 2024. A picture of a team of people on an indoor football pitch, in front of a goal.

Issue 56

June 2024
Key headlines:

A warm welcome to the spring edition of Prostate Matters. This will be our final edition in print format as we endeavour to take on a more sustainable approach to Prostate Matters. Rest assured, we will continue coverage of all things prostate cancer related through our new e-newsletter, available in its regular quarterly instalment. To make sure you still get your copy of Prostate Matters, I encourage you to sign up to your free subscription at (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

This edition is an ode to peer support, which sits at the very heart of what we do. We feature examples of the many different forms of local peer support groups that have been set up across the country to not only support the person living with prostate cancer but to support those impacted by their loved ones’ diagnosis.

Thank you for taking the time to read Prostate Matters.
Best wishes,
Roshani Perera


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