Issue 54

June 2023
Key headlines:

Welcome to the Spring Edition of Prostate Matters and I am delighted to be writing to you as newly appointed Co-Chair for Tackle. I hope you enjoy reading this edition, which celebrates partnership and collaboration – it showcases a range of exciting work going on to support prostate cancer care including the Boys Needs Bin campaign, awareness around the north/south divide, and launch of the Prostate Cancer Research (PCR) infopool. 

In March, we held our first national conference in person since the start of the pandemic and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet with our local peer support group leaders and other national voices such as the Errol Mckellar Foundation, Men’s Shed, and individuals from Prostate Cancer Research. 

We were delighted to welcome Chiara De Biase from Prostate Cancer UK as our key note speaker, sharing with us their strategic direction and launching their alliance with Tackle leading on peer support. 

As you read about these initiatives and events you can see how people up and down the country are working to address the needs that are so important for people living with and impacted by prostate cancer. This is only possible through your active involvement in sharing your stories, highlighting the successes and the challenges that we need to address, and coming together as a community to tackle prostate cancer. 


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