Roger Wotton (Chairman)

After 35 years in the oil industry, travelling the world and working in every aspect of business, I decided it was time to jump off the corporate merry-go-round and work for myself.  Management consulting for 10 years was rewarding but equally stressful so I decided to finally retire and devote my energies to the prostate cancer cause, having been diagnosed in 2010.  I’m probably spending as much time working and chained to my study chair as when I was earning a living, but at least it keeps the little grey cells employed.  I have a passion for raising awareness of prostate cancer, often seen as the poor relation in the cancer world and one that desperately needs more publicity, earlier diagnosis and better treatment options.  My other interests are woodworking, country pursuits and movies.



Ken Mastris (Secretary and Deputy Chairman)

I retired from BT in 2005 after a long career (of 43 years) having been diagnosed the same year. I am committed to promoting patient pathways and awareness of prostate cancer. My reason for being a patient advocate is to ensure that patients get the right treatment at the right time without any stress during the complex procedures and to campaign to give patients equality of treatment to ensure their quality of life. I also want to try to educate men to get help earlier. When I'm not helping Tackle, I am Chairman of Europa Uomo (a coalition of over 20 European organisations dedicated to improving knowledge of cancer of the prostate) or helping out my local support group APPLE.



Rob Banner

After 38 years in selling, my speciality is securing corporate funding and doing the impossible - I  actively welcome and enjoy rejection! I passionately believe that all men with prostate cancer should have the very best treatment available on their treatment pathways wherever they live in the UK regardless of age and be empowered with the knowledge of how and where to find it. I believe that it is vital we all work with hospitals, CCGs, NHS GEMS and local hospices. I am also a Trustee of PROSTaid.



Keith Cass MBE

I have a wealth of experience in prostate cancer matters. My Red Sock Campaign has given me an insight into the lives of over 2000 families that have been affected by prostate cancer. My research into all things prostate cancer over the years has helped develop my skills in gaining some understanding of prostate cancer. My Macmillan and EPP training as a tutor to deliver a Living Well programme for cancer patients and other chronic illnesses has taught me compassion around patients. I want to share my experience to benefit all Tackle's support group members.



Frank Chinegwundoh MBE

I am a Consultant Urological Surgeon for Barts Health NHS Trust in London which I joined in 1996. I am the Chairman of Tackle's Clinical Advisory Board. My main research interest is in prostate cancer and ethnicity and, in 2006, I was the first to demonstrate that black men in the UK have a three-fold risk of prostate cancer. In 1998, I was elected Chairman of Cancer Black Care.


John Coleman

I have over 30 years' experience as a senior manager working around the world (Africa, Asia, Europe, UK and USA) designing and building multi-billion dollar projects. I have run the Tackle Help Line since 2009. I am a trustee of Prostate Cancer Support (North West) and am Treasurer of Prostate Cancer Support Droylsden. I want to help Tackle grow and continue to bring to the attention of the government the welfare of prostate cancer patients.


Erik Friis-Scheel

I am a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years’ experience. Previous positions held are Finance Director of the International Federation of Airline Pilots and Head of Finance for Chichester Festival Theatre. Prior to that, I was the Finance Director of Ecco Shoes UK. Experience includes International accounting principles and practices as well as principles for charity accounting, mergers, leasing, property management, strategic and commercial planning, budgeting, forecasting and IT implementation. Now retired, I live in West Sussex with mywife Inge-Lise and bulldog Bertie.