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Issue Number & Date Headlines

Issue 49 - November 2020

Report on Tackle AGM and Conference 2020:
- The Prostagram - a fast MRI screening scan
- Automation of Graham Fulford Charitable Trust PSA results
- The iCHROMATM PSA method
Theranostics - what is it all about?
Experimental blood test can confirm prostate cancer - and its clinical significance
Message from Sarah Gray, Tackle's National Support and Development Manager
Tackle's Appeal to the National Screening Committee
Support Groups 'Zoom' into the technological age
Graham Fulfort Charitable Trust introduces a PSA Home Testing Kit

Issue 48 - May 2020
Prostate Matters - Issue 48

A message from Ken Mastris, Chairman of Tackle
Welcome to New Trustees Julian Burgess and Roshani Perera
AGM & Conference 2020 Announced
Raising Awareness - is it worth it?
Restarting Cancer Services in the NHS after COVID-19
Financial Help
Meet Sarah Gray, our new Lottery-Funded Project Manager
Prostate Cancer UK Surgery Pack
NICE rejects use of abiraterone
Scanning and prostate cancer
Artificial intelligence - what do you think?
PSA Testing before COVID-10... ... and after!
Making buddies
From Ashridge to Hunstanton: My first big challenge with Prostate Peddlers
A  question of life insurance?

Issue 47 - February 2020

Tackle achieves great Lottery win!
Tribute to Roger Wotton, Tackle Chairman 2015-2019
Prostate Cancer Research Centre works with Tackle on Patient Voice
New Manversation leaflet
Knowledge Empowers - new edition
Tackle Freedom of Information Request Results
The National Prostate Cancer Audit - can you help?
Reaching the parts other messages can't reach...
Support Groups and Diversity: reports from three groups
Save a Dad campaign in schools report by Phil Ormesher
Surveys and Studies
Abiraterone approved by Scottish Medical Consortium
ManVan Update
Letter to the Editor
Spreading the word at Santander

Issue 46 - November 2019

Roger Retires...
... and Ken takes over
Tackle scores with Wiltshire Walking Football team
My experience with Proton Beam Therapy  - a report from Timon Colegrove
Body Image Survey Results
Tackle welcomes new Trustee Jackie Manthorpe
What does you Patient Representative do?   - a report by Steve Allen
Lions team up to help fund PSA test
Cycle/Bike to the Moon latest news
Tackle ManVan update
Alphonso: action man!
Shepway Veterans on top of the world
Phil Collins tribute artist gigs for Tackle
News from Groups in Bedfordshire, Cardiff, East Lancs and East Suffolk
Starting a new PCSG - the TAPS story

Issue 45 - August 2019

Report of 2019 AGM
NHS PredictProstate tool
Lottery Survey results
News from Groups in Bolton, Isle of Wight and Salford
Tackle ManVan Update
Prostate Peddlers - Let's Ride Together
South Warks in a spin for Cycle to the Moon
Tackle welcomes new Trustee Alphonso Archer
NICE Guideline 2019 - Prostate Cancer
  - a report by Steve Allen
Keith Cass obituary

Issue 44 - May 2019

Cycle (or Motorcycle) to the Moon launches for 2019
Mental Health and Prostate Cancer - the Elephant in the Room?
New Z-Card Leaflet Available
Shepway Veterans take on 3 Peaks Challenge
New State-of-the-art Urolgy Centre opens supported by The Prostate Project
PSA Testing Success - a report from Bedfordshire PCSG
Fundraising Tips: Waitrose Community Matters
European Association of Urology issue new policy on PSA testing
Free website available from Tackle
Tackle goes to the House of Commons
"Death - we need to talk about it" from an artile by Keith Cass MBE
Report on The National Prostate Cancer Audit 2018 by Steve Allen


Issue 43 - February 2019

Kidderminster & Worcestershire PCSG set up a Men's Shed
The Big White Bus in Oxford

Prostate Cancer Survival in England
Spinning on Father's Day in Stratford-on-Avon
How Best to Use a Beer Mat
Keith Cass Raises Awareness of Prostate Cancer with his Unorthodox Funeral Plans
Letters to the Editor
Proton Beam Therapy Comes to the UK
Prostate Radiotherapy can Benefit Men whose Cancer has Spread
The Issue of Incontinence Pad Disposal

Issue 42 - November 2018

Thoughts on Joining a Support Group
The Case for Routine Screening for Prostate Cancer
Kayleigh Davies raising funds for Tackle Prostate Cancer
Easy Ways to raise funds for Tackle through easyfundraising and AmazonSmile
A New Space for Prostate Radiation Treatment
Dr Tom Stuttaford - an Appreciation
Prostate Cancer and a Healthy Mind

Issue 41 - August 2018

2018 AGM & Conference Report
Saga Holidays makes Tackle a recognised Saga Charitbale Trust charity
Captain Julian Burgess of Saga Cruises appointed an Ambassador of Tackle
Cycle to the Moon - report on fundraising by Saga
Hugh Gunn - a tribute
John Dwyer - a Gentleman and a Scholar
Half of Wales denied access to up-to-date scanning equipment

Issue 40 - May 2018

Tackle AGM and Conference: "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body"
Cycle to the Moon, Save a Dad fundraising campaign
Kayleigh Davies swims the Channel
New Research from the John van Geest Centre
STAMPEDE and PATCH Trial report
Groups News

Issue 39 - February 2018

Editorial Changes at Prostate Matters
Sign up for Cycle to the Moon, Save a Dad
Tribute Concerts for Tackle
100,000 Genome Project - by Fiona Maddocks
Manversation - A Woman's Guide to Prostate Cancer published
STAMPEDE trial update - upfront abiraterone improves survival
Active Beyond Cancer - Leeds PCSG
Roger Wotton's Visits to Groups
Groups News
Gary Steele MBE - a tribute.

Issue 38 - November 2017

Update on Cycle to the Moon, Save a Dad
Lady's Talk by Kate Gunn
New Support Group in Daventry
MK Prostate Cancer Support - a report by Maria Buckley on a PSA blood test event
Reading Lions Roar Even Louder for Prostate Cancer
Riding the Rollercoaster - Roger Wotton's Prostate Cancer Journey continued
The GP's Role in Diagnosing Prostate Cancer by Dr Sam Merriel
Updates from Cardiff and Cotswolds support groups
A Letter from Graham Fulford

Issue 37 - August 2017

2017 AGM & Conference Report
Gary Steele MBE retires
Personal Thoughts by Steve Allen of Reading PCSG
"The Things You Get Involved In..." by David Hurst of PCaSO
Update from Prospect Bristol
"Fifty Years On" by Jim Peters of Metro Walnut
Coping with Cancer in Leicestershire and Rutland
Update from PCSA Kent by Graham Edwards

Issue 36 - May 2017

Tackle AGM & Conference 2017 - Trials and Tribulations
Prostate Cancer Cardiff Support Group
Report on European Association of Urology Congress and Patients Symposium
Here We Go Again - Hugh Gunn reports on his recent treatment for prostate cancer
News from the Salford Group on their session on North Manchester Hospital radio
Report on National Prostate Cancer Audit by Sandy Tyndale-Biscoe
Prof Tim Oliver - Chairman of Orchid Male Cancer - on how playing golf can aid recovery after prostate cancer treatment
The 100,000 Genome Project
Report on PROMIS trial shows the importance of MRI scans

Issue 35 - February 2017

Coming Down to Earth from The Hype - the actual story behind the "new laser treatment"
PSA Testing at PCaSO
Events from Oxford PCSG
"Small Decisions can be Hard Decisions" - Roger Wotton's Prostate Cancer Journey
Awareness Event by FOPS
PCSA (Central England) "Get a Score on the Board"
News from the Isle of Wight
"Show the Red Card to Prostate Cancer" - Walnut Group in Preston PSA testing
Men of a Certain Age - the 100,000 Genome Project
News from Nottingham
Bryan Metcalf - an Obituary

Issue 34 - November 2016

Tackle Funding Call to Support Groups
Tackle Working with NICE
Preston African Caribbean Community Event
Tackle on TV
Save a Dad! Campaign
Report on Helpliners Meeting
News from the Groups
East Lancs PCSG Blood Testing Event

Issue 33 - August 2016

2016 AGM Report
Feedback on PSA Discussions with GPs
Tackle CEO Rowena Bartlett moves on
Cabazitaxel and Firmagon - Tackle Makes a Difference
The Bay PCSG attend a "Health Mela"
"A Walk Through Oxfordshire" - fundraising report
PSA testing report from East Lancs PSG

Issue 32 - May 2016

Internationals Centre for Parliamentary Studies Report
Prostate Cancer Screening and Misleading Statistics
News from the Groups
Revised PSA Guidelines - a step forward
Letters to the Editor
STAMPEDE and PATCH trials - latest results
Beating Prostate Cancer roadshows
Automedia Plays Santa

Issue 31 - February 2016

The Importance of Bone Health
Riskman Update
Jason Leonard Gets a Score on the Board at Harlequins
Welcome to two new members of our Clinical Advisory Board
Letters to the Editor
Room Seven - Doug Badger's experience of radiotherapy
PROSTaid Awareness Evening at Leicester Racecourse
Privileged Viewing of a Robot - report from East Lancs PCSG

Issue 30 - November 2015

Jon Rees interview in The Independent
Know your PSA: Get a Score on the Board campaign
FOPS at Number 34
Implementing the STAMPEDE Trial
Screening for Prostate Cancer Report
Cancer Drugs Fund - Latest
New Name - Same Aim
Post-Radiotherapy Treatment - Part 2
Prof Nick James - Jazz at Home

Issue 29 - August 2015

2015 AGM Report
Introducing our Clinical Advisory Board
News from Groups
Tackle Campaign Update
"Prostate Cancer – Age is a Symptom – beware if you are 60 years or older!" - by Ken George (The Bay PCSG)
Grayshott Spa Winner Report
Medical Detection Dogs: report on what they do and how we can work together

Issue 28 - May 2015

Prof Frank Chinegwundoh, Tackle Clinical Trustee, on Prostate Cancer
Meet our Ambassadors: David Gower, Damian Hopley and Lord Rose
Consultant Dr Julian Barnwell talks about Genetics - "One of those things?"
News from Groups
"Tearful and Vulnerable" - a very personal view by Carole Williams
East Lancashire PCSG holds a PSA testing session
David Smith - an Obituary
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - a report from Oxfordshire PCSG

Issue 27 - February 2015

Regional Workshops report
Reports from new Chairman Roger Wotton and past Chairman Sandy Tyndale-Biscoe
Bip Wetherell's PET Scan in Germany
Dennis Walker's Brush with Prostate Cancer
Urinary Continence - Treatment following a Prostatectomy/Prostate Surgery
Long-Term Results from the PR07 Trial
Somerset PSA Goes to Show
Don't Fry Your Meat...

Issue 26 - November 2014

Grayshott Spa supports Tackle
Online Shop opens with men's washbag and charger
London to Paris bike ride fundraising report
A Lay(wo)man's View
The Bay PCSG update
East Lancs PCSG unveil new scanner
Helpline Urology Specialist Nurse
PROSTaid funds their new oncology PCa Nurse
The Cockroach Analogy

Issue 25 – August 2014

Tackle at Twickenham – PCSF 2014 AGM report
Hugh Gunn's spridget rally
Study into emotional impact of cancer
Man and Horse make steady progress – the Prostate Awareness Story
Results of trial testing higher doses of radiotherapy to treat prostate cancer
Oxfordshire PCSG: recent events
STAMPEDE trial adds new arm investigating combination of abiraterone and enzalutamide

Issue 24 – May 2014

Chief Executive's progress report
Thoughts on screening
Norfolk and Waveney PCSG Helps local NHS Foundation
NICE decides on Enzalutamide
The Walnut Programme in a nutshell
A survival Guide to Advanced Prostate Cancer
Norfolk and Waveney PCSG celebrates its 10th birthday
A view through the keyhole

Issue 23 – Winter 2014

Federation launches new website
Patients outraged by cruel NICE betrayal
Autumn workshop report: "Getting Fair Treatment from the Health Service"
Regionalisation – how it works
Sorting out ED – a symptom of confusion?
Leighton Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group goes to ASDA
Commissioning – Integration
The Benefits of Aromatherapy
New Treatments for Advanced Prostate Cancer
Droylsden Group - Awareness and Fund Raising Night
Issue 22 – Autumn 2013

Is robotic prostatectomy always better?
Adults with Learning Difficulties
The Misconception About Palliative Care
A Positive Mental Attitude - Dies it Really Matter?
Phil and Tina Delaney’s Story
Tackle Prostate Cancer - progress report
News from Groups: Droylsden PCSG, York & Selby and South Warwickshire
Is Cialis a Brekthrough for Erectile Dysfunction?
Issue 21 – Summer 2013

Federation plans to TACKLE prostate cancer
2013 Annual Conference
APPLE gets involved in review of local urology services
A horse called "Prostate Awareness"
Dr Jone Rees - The On Line doctor
Benefits of broccoli
Aylesbury Vale Support Group: Onwards and Upwards
Bolton Group purchases Accuvein for local hospital
Issue 20 – Spring 2013

Setting Up a Prostate Cancer Support Group
PROSTaid Awareness Event 2013
Cancer and the Imune System
Ductal Prostate Cancer
Bone Health, a patient's view
Exploring the Needs of Gay and Bisexual Men with Prostate Cancer
Night Sweats & Hot Flushes - Acupuncture
Issue 19 – Winter 2013

2013 Annual Conference Announcement
Report on workshop: "Making Support Groups More Effective", Warwick, November 2012
Frank Chinegwundoh – New Federation Trustee
Survey: Men, Women and Food after Prostate Cancer
Kidderminster - Boxing Day Tractor Run
Droylsden Support Group
Prospect – Santa-Cruz Rally
Avalanche Hits Reading! – PSA testing day
Issue 18 – Autumn 2012

Autumn Workshop
The Federation in a changing world
Changes at the top in the Federation
News from Support Groups: Norfolk, PROSTaid and APPLE
Good bye to Emma
John Dwyer Retires
Oxford PCSG Awareness Day
PSA-based screening – news from the US may help move things in the UK
Issue 17 – Summer 2012

Prostate Cancer UK – working with the Federation
Gary Steele Receives the MBE
What does the Federation mean to you? - tell us what you want
Testosterone Kids
Whilst we await the outcome of the Riskman trial - would you like to help save a few lives?
Don’t Ignore Prostate Cancer Signs!
Issue 16 – Spring 2012

Report on the 2012 AGM
DRE - a Dangerous Rectal Examination by David Baxter-Smith
MDV1300 by David Smith
Cancer Patient Experience Surveys by Professor Sir Mike Richards
News from Support Groups
Surgeon experience - key to successful outcome for prostatectomy

Issue 15 - Winter 2012

NICE Rejects Abiraterone & Cabazitaxel
My Personal Journey by Nigel Lewis-Barker
Book review: Natural Approaches to Prostate Cancer
Federation Appoints Development Director
Book review: The Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy by Dirk Benedict
‘Riskman’ Progress
Urinary Incontinence Post-Prostatectomy
The PROMIS Trial
Issue 14 - Autumn 2011

Report on “Lifestyle and Prostate Cancer Workshop”
Book review: “The Cancer Survivor’s Companion”
Adding Radiotherapy to Hormone Therapy
A Wife's perspective on advanced prostate cancer
My Man Ladies' Lunch
Physiotherapeutic Impact: penile rehabilitation
Mike Lockett, Doug Gray and Stafford Scholes
Issue 13 - Summer 2011

Autumn 2011 Workshop
Book Reviews: Coping Successfully with Prostate Cancer and Prostate Cancer - the Facts
Prostate Action – almost one year on
The Great Biopsy Debate
"Leonardo, Prostate Cancer, PSA test and me" by Peter Sandison
Report on Alpharadin
"Beating The Tiger" by Bob Arthy
Denosumab versus Zoledronic Acid for Treatment of Bone Metastases
Issue 12 - Spring 2011

Federation 2011 Annual Conference
“Chemo fog”
Setting Research Priorities
Prostate Action Masterclasses
Transperineal Template Prostate Biopsies
Issue 11 - Winter 2011

Critique of the National Screening Committee ScHARR Report
Is The “Overtreatment” Argument Outdated?
National Campaign to re-consider screening for prostate cancer
Attracting New Group Members and Health Professional Associates
Re-inventing the Pleasure Machine – Sex after Prostate Disease?
Changes in External Beam Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer
Issue 10 - Autumn 2010

Report of "Prostate Cancer Research – Patients Lead" workshop
Norfolk and Waveney PCSG spreads the word!
Europa Uomo – Krakow Masterclass
Abiraterone Raises Bar in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Treatment
Should we be using Hormone Deprovation as treatment as first-line therapy?
Cancer patient mobility in Europe
Issue 9 - Summer 2010

Post Prostatectomy Incontinence
Barcelona EAU Congress
The Great Drag Race - The Reality
Prostate Support Association Kent

Prostate Cancer Risk Based Screening Trial – alternative views
Prostate Cancer Cryotherapy
Issue 8 - Spring 2010

The Prostate Cancer Risk Based Screening Trial
Federation Annual Conference and AGM
Prostate Cancer & Nitroglycerin
PROSTaidAwareness Event
Pelvic Floor Exercises
Fish Oil & Omega 3
Prostate Cancer Risk-Based Screening (birth of RISKMAN)
The Great Drag Race - a daughter's view
Issue 7 - Winter 2010

The Great PSA Debate — full report
Prostate cancer and diet – update
Diet and lifestyle changes
RADICALS Clinical Trial
The Great PSA Debate Questionnaire Analysis Report
National Cancer Patient Information Pathways and Prescriptions
Issue 6 - Autumn 2009

The Great PSA Debate - a brekthrough for early detection
National Prostate Cancer Awareness Day (The Great Drag Race)
The Prospect Web-Site and a Prostate UK Grant
Research may point to enhanced treatments
The PATCH clinical trial
Proactive Prostates Initiative: Europa Uomo — a call to action
The Informed Decision-Making Project
The Great PSA Debate
The Great Drag Race
Fighting Cancer - a new European Cancer Partnership
Prostate Cancer Questionnaire - Results
Trial: Alpharadin for Metastatic Disease
Green Tea and Prostate Cancer Progression
News about Drugs and Treatment
Annual Conference and AGM
PCRMP - where we stand now
West Wales Group benefits from Grant
Clinical Trials - Hyperbaric Oxygen and Sarcosine
Active Surveillance arguments
Targeted prostate biopsy
MRI in prostate cancer
Research issues
Promoting Patient Power workshop
Prostate Cancer Risk Management Programme - men betrayed again
The Breuss Diet
STAMPEDE Clinical Trial
European Prostate Cancer Coalition - Europa Uomo

Inaugural Conference report
Searching for the Perfect Diet
Rusty Surgeons put Patients at Risk
Novel Chemo Drug
New tests may predict spread
Clinical Nurse specialists

Issue 1 - April 2008

Federation Launch
NICE Clinical Guideline – comment
Should UK Prostate Cancer Detection Age be Lowered
Prostate Cancer Growth Delayed by up to 8 Years by just 4 Months of Hormone Therapy
Zeolite and the Pfeifer Protocol
Broccoli - super veg
Research updates: early PSA measurement, PCA-3, adjuvant hormone therapy with EBRT, Radium 233 for HR disease, genetic risk factors