Prostate Cancer - Are You at Risk?

Prostate Cancer - are you at risk?

Your risk of having prostate cancer is greater if:

·    you are over 50

·    you are black or mixed race of African or Caribbean descent. Your risk is trebled and you should think about having a test at 40.

·    you have a close relative who has had prostate cancer or breast cancer. Your risk is doubled and you should think about having a test at 40.

Tackle Prostate Cancer is encouraging men to know their PSA or to Get a Score on the Board. Men who are at greater risk of prostate cancer are more likely to benefit. 

If you think you may be at risk, talk to your GP about having a PSA Test. And remember, all men over 50 are entitled to a PSA Test on request. Alternatively, there may be a PSA testing day taking place near you organised by one of our member organisations.

Unlike breast cancer, there is no national screening programme for prostate cancer. Tackle's view is that there should be because, as Chris Booth of our Clinical Advisory Committee concludes in his response to the query "Should we be screening for prostate cancer?" :

"The benefits of PSA-based screening now clearly outweigh the harms.  We therefore conclude that the quickest way to reduce the UK’s unacceptable prostate cancer death rate is to adopt standards that are the norm in our Western European neighbours and introduce a PSA screening programme now rather than delay any longer in the hope of finding some ideal marker at some indeterminate point in the future after many more men have died unnecessarily from this most pernicious of cancers".

For the full prostate cancer screening article, click here.

You can also download our leaflet explaining all you need to know about prostate cancer screening and the PSA Test.