Prostate Cancer Aids and Products

Below is a listing of websites that provide aids and products for men with prostate cancer. Tackle does not endorse any of these aids or products nor do we receive any commission or financial reward for listing them.

This is a new page on our website which is in the course of development. If you know of any products that we could list which other men with prostate cancer would benefit from, please let us know at

Cancergraph app App that tracks your cancer symptoms and side effects over days, months and years. Designed by cancer survivors and caregivers, Cancergraph focuses on the unique experiences faced only by those of us who are diagnosed with one or more cancers.
It's a Man Thing app App for your smartphone with information about the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. It is written for patients, by patients
MyTherapy app App for your smartphone which reminds prostate cancer patients to take their treatment medications
Squeezy app App in association with the NHS to help you manage your pelvic floor exercises.