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Regional Workshops 2016

Sponsored by Prostate Cancer UK

Northern Workshop

Kindly hosted by Prostate Cancer Support North West, our 2016 Northern Workshop was held on 9 April 2016 at The Christie Hospital in Manchester. 

The varied programme included the following presentations:

Bone Health : “It takes more than milk to improve bone health” by Lawrence Drudge-Coates, Urological Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist & Honorary Lecturer at King's College Hospital. 

Survivorship : Survivorship Programme in Worcestershire from the patient’s perspective by Mary Symons, CNS at Worcestershire and Chairman of the Worcester Hospital Group, Paul Brothwell

These were followed by a Q&A session with a Clinical Expert Panel including Richard Brough, Prostate Cancer Surgeon at Stepping Hill Hospital and Jane Booker, Macmillan Urology CNS at The Christie Hospital

The day ended with an Open Forum including a discussion on Diversity and Inclusivity by Martin Wells (Manchester Out with Prostate Cancer).

Midlands Workshop

Kindly hosted by PROSTaid, our 2016 Midlands Workshop was held on 26 May 2016 at Nottingham Trent University.

A packed programme included:

prostate Cancer Prediction using Artificial Intelligence Approaches by Dr Georgina Cosma, Lecturer in Computing and Technology.

Teaching your immune system to eliminate cells heading down the wrong path - the construction of a cancer vaccine" by Dr Denis Christensen, Vaccine Adjuvant Research, Copenhagen

Cancer Survivor - a personal experience by Connell McNelis on how and why he drastically changed his diet.

Mindfulness as a Foundation for Health where Shaun Glossop explored how mindfulness supports our general well-being and can offer new pathways to improve health, healing and recovery.

The day ended with an informative visit to the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre.

Southern Workshop

Unfortunately we had to postpone this workshop. However, below are two of the presentations which would have been made and we are extremely grateful to the presenters for allowing us to post them here:

"Staying Healthy on Hormones : Hormone therapy, its use, effects and how to manage themby Louisa Fleure, Lead Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist and Prostate Cancer Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Guy’s Hospital, London

"Know your numbers: managing fitness and health after prostate cancer treatment" by Sara Faithfull, Professor of Cancer Nursing Practice, University of Surrey



Regional Workshops 2014

Sponsored by and in association with Prostate Cancer UK

During October and November 2014, regional workshops were held in Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and London.

You can read an assessment of the workshops based on feedback from the participants. To see the workshop presentation slides, click here.

University of Leicester - 27 October 2011

“Lifestyle and Prostate Cancer”

 On Thursday 27th October 2011, the Federation held a workshop for members to learn about, and discuss, how to amelioriate the impact of prostate cancer on our lifestyles, and how lifestyle changes can improve our chances as we fight the disease.

We had talks from the following speakers:

- Tanju Thevar of iMedicare, whose talk was entitled “SOMAtherapy ED: Penile Fitness in your hands” and discussed various approaches to restoring erectile function after prostate cancer treatment.
- Dr Jasmin Hussein, Chief Medical Officer, Oncology Division, Sanofi Avensis, who spoke on “Continuum of care in patients with metastatic prostate cancer”.
- Prof Robert Thomas of Cranfield University, author of Lifestyle After Cancer – the facts, who spoke on “The evidence for practical self-help initiatives after prostate cancer”.
- Prof Margaret Rayman, Professor of Nutritional Medicine at Surrey University and author of The Prostate Care Cookbook, who spoke on diet and prostate cancer.

The day concluded with an Open Forum: What can we do to minimise prostate cancer’s impact on our lifestyles? chaired by Emma Malcolm, Chief Executive, Prostate Action, in which a we received a useful further contribution from Dr Caroline Hoffman, Clinical and Research Director of the Haven.

A full description of the Workshop can be found in the Autumn 2011 Issue (14) of Prostate Matters.


University of Warwick- 10 November 2010 

“Research in Prostate Cancer – Patients Lead”

On Wednesday 10th November 2010 the Federation organised an workshop for members to learn about, and discuss, prostate matters. On this occasion the theme was “patients' involvement in prostate cancer research” and the main topic was the RISKMAN Risk-based Screening Trial, in which the Federation is playing a leading role, both in organising the trial itself, and in organising initial funding.

In addition we had presentations updating delegates on recent areas of research known to be of concern to prostate cancer patients, covering: the James Lind Alliance Prostate Cancer Priority Setting Programme, whose final result will be published this Autumn; recent developments in imaging; latest research into dietary issues for prostate cancer.

See here for the full programme.


Leamington Spa – 16 October 2008

Sponsored by the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust

'Promoting Patient Power'

One of our Partner Organisations – the Graham Fulford of the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust – very kindly sponsored a mid-term workshop with the aim of consolidating the very positive response to the Inaugural Conference in April 2008, and moving the Federation forward. This was held on 16th October 2008 in Leamington Spa.

The workshop was themed ‘Promoting Patient Power’ and was very much geared to getting the thoughts and views of members. It was attended by over 40 people, representing 21 member organisations.

The programme had two themes. One was to encourage discussion amongst delegates to progress ideas about what the Federation should seek to do, and how it should be organised and funded to achieve its aims. The other, in order to attract delegates, was a set of presentations on hot topics including PSA Testing and prostate cancer research priorities.

In the morning workshop session, a number of key issues were prioritised under the following headings:

- Awareness, early detection and reduction in death-rate
- PCSF public profile and recruitment 
- PCSF management 
- Services to members

In the afternoon, delegates were treated to two presentations on prostate cancer issues. In the first, Mr David Baxter-Smith, Consultant Urologist from Kidderminster, gave a fascinating and informative presentation on how, supported by the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust, he has conducted a series of increasingly popular PSA Testing sessions throughout the country. He gave details of how these are set up, and the typical outcomes.

The final session was entitled “Getting patients’ voices heard in setting priorities for Prostate Cancer Research”. Sandy Tyndale-Biscoe described an exercise is that is under way, with the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF), to get a consensus view from patients, clinicians and researchers on the key priorities for research. This should complete some time later this year.

For a full report of the workshop, click here.