Clinical Advisory Board Member

Ian Nightingale


Much of my working life has been spent in Human Resources and for over 20 years as HR Director of Alstom Power. In 2010 I left mainstream HR and set up a Landscaping business (as this had for a long time been a major interest of mine).  Alongside this I set up a Coaching and Mentoring business,  offering guidance in career management and small business development. As a Fellow of the CIPD, I also provide (for free) support to young people aged between 19 & 24 in job-seeking skills. Early in 2018 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at the age of 59 and elected to have a Prostatectomy in November of that year.  As a result, I joined Prostaid in Leicestershire, developing & co-ordinating a “Buddy Scheme”, where guys who are newly diagnosed or undergoing treatment can be paired up with someone who had gone through the process earlier. For a few years I split my time between Leicester & Teignmouth in Devon and in August 2020 I was elected Chairman of Torbay Prostate Support Association (TPSA). This has given me an insight into the common needs of groups in both City & Rural communities as well as the specific challenges living in a rural location presents.

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