Alphonso Archer

After 30 years selling software I made the decision in 2015 to pursue my passion for music after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. I now use music creatively to help change the lives of children and adults with autism and learning difficulties. This endeavour and speaking to friends, family and anyone who will listen about the need to get checked early for prostate cancer is proving to be the most rewarding things I have done which I want to continue to do better so hence my delight at being accepted as a Trustee.

During my treatment period, I took up Walking Football which mentally and physically helped me immensely to get through what was a very challenging time getting used the hormone and radiotherapy side effects. I have made it to the other side and achieved some great successes on the way and want to spread positivity to all men, their families and families that we can beat this by working together.

I am really looking forward to working with the the Board and all supporters to keep prostate cancer high on the agenda in all areas until this becomes a disease of less significance.

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