Manversation Study on Advanced Prostate Cancer

Would you like to take part in crucial research to help raise awareness of the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer?

Manversation is a national campaign supported by Bayer, which aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer and encourage men to speak to their healthcare professional about potential symptoms as soon as they experience them. Tackle has worked with Manversation to produce a number of useful booklets.

Bayer are working with communications agency Pegasus to develop a guide aimed at the sons and daughters of men with prostate cancer, to help them feel better equipped and motivated to start vital conversations with their father about their prostate cancer.

In order to inform the development of the guide, Pegasus are in the process of carrying out telephone interviews that last around 45 minutes, to find out the barriers to these conversations and how we can help to break them down. 

They are looking for 18-45 year old males who have a father that is currently living with prostate cancer OR a father that has passed away in the last three years who had prostate cancer, who would be willing to participate. Telephone interviews are taking place the week commencing 17th June, and all participants are paid £60 as a token of appreciation for their time.

If you, or someone you know, may be interested in taking part in this valuable research, please contact Vanessa Slade at