General Insurance
Support groups require different levels of insurance cover depending on their constitution and what they do.

As a general rule, it is better to have some insurance to cover public liability and also employer's liability to cover volunteers helping your group. This cover doesn't have to be expensive.

If you are a Partner group of Prostate Cancer UK, it is likely that you will have some cover, so check with them.

Unfortunately, we are not able to recommend a specific insurance policy (as we are not legally allowed to give insurance advice) but if you would like to discuss what options are available, please call 0300 365 4080.

Insurance for PSA Testing Events
If you are holding a PSA testing event, you will certainly require insurance particularly to cover taking blood (sometimes referred to as "needlestick injuries" in insurance jargon).

If you are working with a third party to do the PSA testing eg Graham Fulford or the Lions Club, then discuss it with them first as their insurance may cover the event.

If you plan to organise it yourselves, here are some of the key points:

  • you can get a one-off "special events" policy. If, however, you plan to hold a few events during the year, it will be worth asking for an annual policy.
  • the policy will include public liability, employer's liability (to cover any volunteers) and needlestick injuries although you will need to read precisely what is covered and what is not.
    Note that cover will not include medical malpractice so medical advice and medical diagnosis cannot be given but, as a rule, this would not be something that you would be doing. You can of course ask for medical malpractice cover.
  • the cost of the premium will depend on a number of factors including number of attendees and number of volunteers.

One broker we are aware of who understands about these events is Towergate MIA. You can call either Adrian Bonas on 029 2044 4555 or Paula Burns on 02920 444571 We do not endorse this company and do not receive any commission from them but it is certainly a starting point for you.