Information, Support and Advice

Tackle has produced a number of guides on various aspects of prostate cancer in particular, cancer in general and other useful info (eg travel insurance) which can be downloaded or viewed below.

Those listed as "available as leaflet/booklet" are provided in printed form and are free to health professionals and members . Members will be charged for postage and packing.

To order some, please email in the first instance.

For advice on financial matters, click here.

Advanced Prostate Cancer

(available as leaflet)

A Woman's Guide to Prostate Cancer

(available as leaflet)

Travel Insurance Cover

(available as leaflet)

Why Bone Health Matters

(available as leaflet)

What you should know about prostate cancer
Information for the Black community (available as leaflet)

Prostate Cancer Screening and the PSA Test

(available as leaflet)

Knowledge Empowers

(available as booklet)

Prostate Cancer: Am I at Risk?

(available as Z-fold)

Manversation "How-to Guides"


(available as booklet)

Family & Friends

(available as booklet)


(available as booklet)

Sons and Daughters

(available as booklet)

Healthcare Professionals

(available as booklet)

More Info Guides

Clinical Trials

This guide explains the various types of clinical trial as well as the benefits and drawbacks

Role of a Clinical Nurse

Find out how a Clinical Nurse Specialist can play a vital role in your cancer journey

Understanding Cancer
Waiting Times

A clear summary of what the standard NHS waiting times are for appointments and treatment

Setting up a Support Group

If you're thinking about setting up a prostate cancer support group, read this brief introduction to get you started.

  Watch a short video of how one support group operates, with informal gatherings of patients and partners.  Macmillan were kind enough to help sponsor the making of this video for Tackle member FOPS.

Other Useful Information

Guide to Registering as a Charity

Straightforward answers to the questions support groups might have about registering as a charity.


Keep building: with Age UK

Derek Bacon has been living with prostate problems for over twenty years. He tells you why he'll never give up the Men in Sheds programme for men affected by prostate cancer in various locations across the UK.

Keep healthy: with Focus on Food

David George gives you the lowdown on diet, cooking and supporting other blokes in the kitchen as he takes part in a healthy cooking course, run by Focus on Food.

Keep reaching out: with Black Health Initiative

1 in 4 black men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives. But for Pastor George Crawford he wasn't just one - his brothers were also diagnosed and he watched them bury their heads in the sand.

Keep fit 1

Jim and John talk about how going the KA Leisure gym in North Ayrshire keeps both the body and mind active.

Keep fit 2

Physical activity can help with fatigue and aid recovery. Ian tells us why this class has 'put his head back on'.

Keep talking: Men and Maggie's

A programme of support for men living with prostate cancer and their families being delivered by Maggie’s Cancer Centres across the UK.

Joining a support group

Mike Harrison of High Peaks Support Group tells you why being in a support group can make a massive difference.

Keep sharing - with Metro Walnut support group

In this short film, Simon, Jim, Ian and Steven tell you what it's like to be in London's first prostate cancer support group for gay and bisexual men

Guides to Prostate Cancer for Gay & Bisexual Men

Provides information to men who have sex with men giving answers to questions like:

  • Are gay men more likely to develop prostate cancer than straight men?
  • Why does my doctor always ask me about my wife?
  • What can we do when struggling to have sex after treatment for prostate cancer?
  • What does the prostate gland do?

Bone Health

A powerpoint presentation by Lawrence Drudge-Coates, Urological Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist & Hon Lecturer King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London.
The presentation includes information about bone health, the effects of prostate cancer treatment on bone health and gives advice on diet and exercise to target improved bone health.