How to become a Member of Tackle Prostate Cancer

We welcome applications for membership of Tackle Prostate Cancer from organisations which have objects and or aims that are compatible with those of our own. Read about the benefits of becoming a member. There is no charge for becoming a member. Please note that our official charity name is The National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups.

As defined in the Articles of Association we admit Members in the following categories:

  • Member Organisations, which are support organisations whose principal activities are driven by or directed towards prostate cancer patients.

  • Partner Organisations, which are organisations which are not necessarily patient-led but have a legitimate interest in prostate cancer and support the objects of Tackle Prostate Cancer.

  • Honorary Members, who are individuals who do not belong to a member organisation but are invited to join by the Trustees because they have had a long-standing legitimate interest in prostate cancer and support the objects of Tackle Prostate Cancer.

Member Organisations are support organisations that have:

  • A membership consisting primarily, but not solely, of men who have or have had prostate cancer, their partners, families and lay carers; and
  • Objects and/or aims that are compatible with those of Tackle Prostate Cancer.

At the 2013 AGM, it was agreed that the subscription fee payable for membership of Tackle Prostate Cancer should be suspended. The subscription was originally £1 per declared member of the Member Organisation up to a maximum of £100 due on the 1st January of each year. However, if members feel able to contribute towards the cost of running Tackle Prostate Cancer and being the Voice of prostate cancer patients and their families, this will be greatly appreciated.

To find out about joining Tackle Prostate Cancer please contact Sarah Gray on 07725 083533, or email her at

To apply to become a member, download the Application Form and save to your computer. You can then complete the form and email it directly back - if you have any difficulty, please call Sarah on the number above.