In 2008, four major patient-led organisations, representing over 2,000 members and patients, formed the Prostate Cancer Support Federation. These organisations are

The Federation was first mooted in 2001 when a working party, set up by PSA at a general meeting in 2000, proposed the establishment of an umbrella organisation that would focus the work of the many independent local patient-led support groups across the country, and, through synergy, allow small groups to harness the totality of their resources.

This working party, which included representatives from four of the major patient-led support groups, focused on a way forward for the community of prostate support associations in the UK, and outlined the basis for federation. Subsequent work generated the necessary documentation required for application for charity status, which was achieved in March 2008. Funding for this work was supplemented by £6,000 raised at a Charity Day held at Dummer Golf Club. This money was ring-fenced and reserved for use when the Federation was fully established.

Initial progress was slow, for a variety of reasons, but since formal establishment as a charity in 2008 we have made great strides. In particular we have refined a Constitution that reflects well the aspirations of the original founders, whilst maintaining the essential independence of member organisations. In addition we have developed ideas for a National Help Line, ready to be implemented when approved by an expanded membership.

The existence, and subsequent development of the Federation is in no small part due to the generosity of Prostate UK (later renamed as Prostate Action, and in 2012 absorbed into Prostate Cancer UK). Thanks to them we have held two conferences or workshops every year since first, which was our Launch Event at Imperial College London, which was addressed by several eminent and internationally known speakers. They have supported us with hard cash ever since, in particular enabling us to make grants of nearly £60,000 to member groups. In 2011 they committed to funding the employment of a Chief Executive for five years, to lead the Charity and transfom it into the independent Voice of Patients. 

In 2013, the Tackle prostate cancer campaign was launched.

On 1 January 2016, the Prostate Cancer Support Federation incorporated and changed its name to The National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups.