Helpline – 0800 035 5302

Call free 0800 035 5302 
and speak to a patient

Our free telephone helpline, 0800 035 5302 is manned by prostate cancer patients 365 days per year from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. The length of time since they had their treatment varies from 2 years to over 15 years, so they are able to discuss the effect the treatment they had had on them and any short or long term side effects that may occur after treatment.

They are very knowledgeable about the different treatments that are available and, if the person that answers your call has not had the type of treatment you are considering and you wish to talk to someone who has, he can arrange for you to talk to one of our members who have had that treatment.

You will therefore be able to get information directly from a patient who has had that type of treatment and who will be able to discuss any concerns about the effects of the treatment that you may have.

We can also transfer your wife/ partner to the wife/ partner of one of our members to discuss how the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer has affected them.

Alternatively, you can email a query to

NB Please remember that both the telephone and email helplines are run by volunteers who are not medically trained but have themselves coped with being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Information received should not be taken as medical advice which should always be obtained from qualified medical practitioners.