Conferences and Workshops

Tackle AGM 2015

Every year we hold our AGM - normally towards the middle of the year. Read about our most recent AGM.

It's a chance for all our member groups to come together to find out what the latest developments are and transact the charity's business. It also gives them the opportunity to chat with other groups and exchange ideas about supporting people affected by prostate cancer.

We try also to hold some workshops around the country so that members have more time to meet other members in their area and, because they are smaller than the AGM - about 40 people usually, it allows more time for everybody to make a contribution. As one delegate said "A great day today - well done. It was one of the best workshop/conferences I have attended in some years. Good subjects, well organised  lively debate and input from virtually all delegates. The clinicians also were very informative". You can read about some of our past workshops here.