Challenge yourself

One fantastic way to raise money and also have the experience of a lifetime is to take on a challenge and get everyone you know to sponsor you in aid of Tackle Prostate Cancer.

Don’t feel you have to climb a mountain or take a sky-dive (but wouldn’t it be fun if you did?). Anything that’s a challenge for you is worth sponsoring. Could you lose weight? Learn to bake – and serve up tea and cakes? Stop smoking? Take on an ironing marathon?

Or, if you like company, join in a group challenge: train for and run a local 10k or marathon; take a long bike ride; skate or swim or dance… look out for interesting opportunities in your area. You’ll find people will be happy to back you to see you take on something extraordinary.

And, from time to time, Tackle Prostate Cancer organises challenges that you can join in with. Look out for details on this website, email us at or call us on 0300 365 4080 for more information.