The National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups and the Tackle prostate cancer campaign are very grateful to Federation Member PCaSO for permission to use the material from the acclaimed booklet Knowledge Empowers for this section of the website.

Except where otherwise acknowledged, this booklet is the work of an editorial team of patients comprising: Roger Bacon,  Ian Graham-Jones, David Hurst, Hugh Gunn and Sandy Tyndale-Biscoe.

The illustrations below are reproduced with permission from Roger S Kirby, Manesh I Patel, Fast Facts: Prostate Cancer, 8th edn, © 2014 Health Press Ltd,

Our thanks for supplying us with illustrations to:

Cancer Research UK    
Woodman Design      
Mr Jerry Grant      
Mr Marc Laniado    
CancerPartners UK      
Prof Robert Thomas  

Our thanks to our medical advisers Prof Christopher Eden, Dr Chris Parker and Dr Angus Robinson for reviewing the content. Also to Prof Robert Thomas, Prof Stephen Langley and Mr John Davies for their specialist input.