• we have held conferences and workshops annually since 2008  eg Promoting Patient Power and The Great PSA Debate;
  • in collaboration with the University of Warwick and the Institute of Cancer Research, we were prime movers in the initiation of a major clinical trial, The Risk-based Screening Trial, which it is hoped will profoundly change the chances of early diagnosis of prostate cancer;
  • we have representatives on important committees such as the Prostate Cancer Charter for Action, and the Prostate Cancer Advisory Group;
  • seriously concerned that the Dept of Health's Prostate Cancer Risk Management Programme was out of date, we published our own leaflet, 'The Real PCRMP', of which over 10,000 have been distributed to GPs and primary care;
  • we publish a quarterly NewsletterProstate Matters;
  • we have produced a number of Information Sheets on various aspects of cancer in general, and prostate cancer in particular;
  • we represent UK patients in Europa Uomo, the Coalition of European prostate cancer support organisations;
  • we have distributed over £25,000 in small grants provided by Prostate Cancer UK.